Key Features

  • Managed by a group of dedicated professionals with vast experience in clinical research
  • Operations driven by GCP, GLP as well as national and international regulations
  • Over 150 SOPs for clinical, bioanalytical and QA operations
  • Equipments standardized (IQ, OQ and PQ) in accordance with SOPs and regulatory requirements
  • Strong IT infrastructure (Real time data back-up, on-site and off-site data storage)
  • Fire-proof document archival facility equipped with fire sprinklers
  • Independent Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance

Piramal Clinical Research (formerly known as Wellquest Clinical Research) has an independent Quality Assurance Unit with a strong focus on quality and training. The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for ensuring that all studies are conducted in accordance with principles of GCP and GLP as well as applicable national and international regulations. Studies are audited prior to initiation, during the study conduct, post-study and during reporting.



Piramal Clinical Research has a state-of-the-art facility spread over 30, 000 sq ft at Hyderabad, India...

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